Shelby Practicing her "Trick" riding on her pony "Maui."

Miss Million Bucks "Millie SNA"

2015 In the Western Dressage show at Hollis Park. She was an amazing horse to have owned and worked with. She has moved on to an English Career with a family in MA who love her dearly. 

Our Camp kid and Hotdog. She takes Hotdog around the ring for his first round pulling this buggy, He was such a good boy at only 1.5yo.

"Pua," doing what pua does best. Lounging around next to me on the hammock, I think she trying to tell me she would like her own hammock?

2016 week 3 of summer camp. An awesome group! Cant wait to see them 2017

This is EG and Remington and Rosie. Showing off her winnings for the day. Her first time on remington was the day of the show. And only one lesson in hand with rosie. This girl is going places.

Katie Guillemette and Remington,  A first Place ride at Hollis Park. Western Dressage Basic Level 1. August 2016

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